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Dr. Minta Nyarku Supports and Raises Funds to Purchase Phototherapy Machine for CCTH

Cape Coast, 28th June 2021, The Central Regional Hospital at Cape Coast, continues to provide health care services and serve several people in and around the region where it is situated.

The Hospital was transformed into Cape Coast Teaching Hospital with the inception of School of Medical Sciences in the University of Cape Coast. The first batch of the Medical Students graduated from the Teaching Hospital in June, 2013.

The hospital serves as a facility for medical students from the University of Cape Coast as a well as a center of learning for several nurses training colleges.

Ever since it achieved the status of a teaching hospital, the demands from the public has gone a notch higher.

Even though a teaching hospital is supposed to attend to special cases, The Cape Coast Teaching Hospital attends to out-patient cases together with referrals from others hospitals within its catchment area.

Just like all other challenges that bedevil almost all teaching hospitals in third world countries including Ghana, CCTH is no different.

Lack of facilities and pressure on the existing ones are normal occurrences at most hospitals and CCTH has its fair share of the problems.

Management under the leadership of Dr. Eric Kofi Ngyedu has done a lot to give a face-lift to the facility. The facility provides top notch services to inhabitants in the region and beyond

Since resources are inadequate and the government cannot do it alone, FG Praise Ministries over the weekend launched the ‘Men in Worship’ programme. The aim of the programme was to raise funds to purchase a Phototherapy Machine for the CCTH.

At the launch held at the University of Cape Coast, Senior Members Club House, Frank Gilford, the founder of FG Praise Ministries thanked God for the gift of life and explained that, this was just a launch but the main programme is slated for the first Sunday of November, 2021.

He added, he felt obliged to do this to help CCTH and was hopeful they would be able to raise money to purchase the Phototherapy Machine and donate same.

Dr. Kwamena Minta Nyarku (affectionately called Ragga), MP for Cape Coast North Constituency, who was the special guest of honour for the programme took the opportunity to duly launch the programme.

Even though the major programme to raise funds to purchase the phototherapy machine is slated in November, the MP underscored the need for Cape Coasters to be able to raise funds to support their own Teaching hospital.

“The hospital serves all of us and anybody can need medical help at any point in time and it is just fit and proper we support our own”.

Further he averred that, even though it was just a launch, he thinks those invited can help raise funds that can buy the machine to assist the Teaching Hospital, hence his decision to assist in that regard.

To set the ball rolling, the MP pledged 5000ghs to support the purchase of the machine. He later employed his fundraising skills and networks to raise additional 25,000ghs from the invited guests present.

Phototherapy is treatment with a special type of light (not sunlight). It’s sometimes used to treat newborns who are suffering from jaundice by lowering the bilirubin levels in the baby’s blood through a process called photo-oxidation.

The launch was very successful with a lot of people pledging support. According to the FG Praise Ministries leader, “If all pledges are redeemed at the main programme, the monies would be enough to purchase the machine”.

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