12 interesting facts you need to know about John Mahama


Former president John Mahama sheds a demeanor of a politician who has got it all figured out.

Many call him a noble man and he has proved himself in that regard. Millions of Ghanaians who made John Mahama president in 2012 are still thinking of voting for him in the upcoming elections.

By being an orator, he has swayed the public interest to his liking. Whether you loathe or love him, there is no denying he is a never dimming star. Much has been said about Mahama but there’s more.

Regardless of being a public figure for the better part of his life, you might have missed one of these less-known facts about the politician;

1. He wants to vie for the presidency again

It’s no secret that Mahama is making a huge comeback into politics. If all things fall to his plans, he is expected to be a Presidential candidate in the forthcoming 2020 elections.

As per John Mahama profile, this won’t be his second stab at the presidency. In 2016, he lost a re-election bid after losing to the New Patriotic Party candidate Nana Akufo-Addo.

He became president in 2012 by default after the then incumbent President John Atta Mills died while in office. The politician was then serving as the country’s vice president during the demise of his predecessor.

2. He turns 60 this month 

Having been born on 29th November 1958, John Dramani Mahama age is 59. He turns 60 this month. Looking at John Mahama age, he doesn’t seem too old to lead the country, if at all his latest ambitions will be realized.

3. John Mahama wealthier than the average politician in Ghana

At one time in 2014, the former president rubbished published report by Goodman AMC that listed him the fourth richest man in Ghana with an estimated net worth of $900 million.

Credible sources like Forbes didn’t feature any Ghanaian this year. Nonetheless, the magazine listed almost eighteen billionaires in Africa.

Like all politicians, John Mahama net worth has been subject to speculations. Among the graft claims associated with Mahama is the Panama Papers scandal that exposed a conspiracy to stash money in offshore accounts.

The fruit doesn’t away from the tree. His family has been known to have several business interests spanning various industries. John Mahama brother, Ibrahim Mahama is one of the most prolific Ghanaian businessmen.

Ibrahim is the CEO of Engineers and Planners Company Ltd. As expected, the expansive wealth has come with lots of valuable personal acquisitions.

Ghanaians think that John Mahama private jet is inexistent. However, the Bombardier challenger 600 jet is owned by his younger brother, Ibrahim.

Dramani Mahama has several proprieties to his name. John Mahama hotel in Dubai is one of the prized possessions. The five-star hotel christened, JA Jebel Ali Hotel has over 350 rooms

He is also the owner of three ships believed to be in Japan. Still, in Japan, a six-bedroom Tokyo-located house worth a million is one of his claimed assets. All claims are alleged and no one knows if they are true or not

4. He followed his father’s political career footsteps.

Adama Mahama, Dramani Mahama’s dad, was a Minister of State in the first post-colonial government under Kwame Nkrumah government. At the same time, he doubled up as a Member of Parliament for the West Gonja constituency and a Minister of State for the Nothern region.

He is also the owner of three ships believed to be in Japan. Still, in Japan, a six-bedroom Tokyo-located house worth a million is one of his claimed assets. All claims are alleged and no one knows if all the negative accusations are true or not.

5. Studied in Russia for his post-graduate studies 

After the young Mahama completed his studies Ghana Secondary School (Tamale), he proceeded to the University of Ghana in Legon for an undergraduate degree in history. In 1981, the former president received a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts.

John Dramani Mahama biography also shows Mahama studied Communication in the same university. He then flew to then Soviet Union and enrolled for a post-graduate Diploma in Social Psychology from the Institute of Social Sciences in Moscow. The biography of John Mahama is very detailed.

6. He entered politics in 1996 and rose to serve at several levels of governance 

Before he could try his hand on politics, he worked with a number of private organizations and agencies including Japanese Embassy in Accra and Plan International until 1996.

In the same year, he joined the National Democratic Congress and henceforth elected to the parliament as the Member of Parliament for Bole Constituency. Consequently, he won the seat during the preceding elections in 2000 and 2004.

During the period as an MP, he was appointed as Deputy Minister of Communications from 1998 to 2001. His big break came when he was assigned the role of being the country’s Vice president to John Atta Mills in 2009.

7. John Dramani Mahama’s family is rather larger than you thought 

For more than 20 years, Lordina Mahama has been officially the spouse of Mahama. Together, they have seven children.

However, rumor has it that John Mahama’s children total up to eighteen – quite a big family for sure. The truth in this is however yet to be revealed.

There were some speculations that John Mahama and Nadia Buari were an item. The media went frenzy with stories that Mahama had fathered the Actress’s lovely twins. Nadia later refuted the claims. We do not know for a fact if these things are true or not but they do not change the fact that he is a wonderful man.

8. He’s an accomplished writer, author, and speaker

To understand how passionate the former president is about writing, you have to read his memoirs, ‘My First Coup D’état and Other True Stories From the Lost Decades of Africa.’ The autobiography was published in 2012 by Bloomsbury.

According to John Mahama Biography on his website, the book has won accolades for shedding light on the extreme realities of the world and the hope that continues to prevail.

All along, his work has been published in newspapers and magazines. Some of the local and international newspapers that Dramani wrote for include New York Times, Ebony, Louisville Courier-Journal, Daily Graphic, and Huffington Post.

Beyond being a writer, John Mahama is regarded as a refined orator. It’s no surprise he participated as a speaker for the TEDx conference in Santa Monica to address the issue of plastic pollution and the wider environmental degradation.

9. Notable tech-savvy and active in social media

Social media is one of the ingenious ways world leaders stay in touch with the progressive world and younger people. Mahama has not been left behind either in his effort to interact with the tech-inclined young generation.

Pictures of John Mahama on Instagram indicates a man who doesn’t shy away from the public and media. He has amassed a commendable following on both Facebook and Twitter.

He commands extreme support in these popular online platforms than most of the African leaders.

10. He still gets his hands dirty on his farm 

Even before handing over the mantle, when John Mahama was still president, he had plans set to devote more time to farming.

One of his investments is a poultry farm. He has also indicated plans to engage in full-scale cocoa growing.

Farming reigns supreme in John Mahama’s family line. His father was an ardent farmer who immersed into large-scale commercial agriculture immediately after quitting active politics. He readily admits that it’s his father who mentored him into applying various skills of farming. Even still, he proudly transfers his knowledge and experience in agriculture to his kids.

11. John Mahama brother, Ibrahim Mahama is a leading business magnate 

Apart from being the founder and CEO of the biggest indigenous-owned mining firm in West Africa (Engineers and Planners), he has other lucrative investments in various sectors in Ghana.

The billionaire owns the Asutsuare Poultry Farms and is an investor at a cement processing factory – Dzata Cement Company.

12. He is devoted to serving humanity by addressing global problems 

John Mahama does not shy away from taking an initiative to speak publicly about the social upheavals affecting Ghanaians and Africans in general.

He has been featured in global events to give his views on HIV/AIDS epidemic. He played a great role in the success of the Ghana AIDS Commission in reducing the HIV prevalence rate in Ghana while servings as the president. His wife has also been recognized for using her position to create awareness and solutions to the scourge.

John Dramani Mahama achievements in agriculture were recognized with the award of The Africa Award for Excellence in Food Security and Poverty Reduction in 2013.

Considering his editorial column with Huffington post, he strives to reach the broader audience by highlighting the required support and resources needed in combating and prevention of HIV infections.

Additionally, John Mahama has sought to work and collaborate with other aid and charity organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He is a Gates fellow.

I hope this article has given you enough insight into who John Mahama is and all the facts about him. He is an exceptional man on every side and promises to be the answer to a lot of questions in Ghana and in Africa as a whole. Do share your thoughts with us at the comments section.

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