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18+: Full Alleged Atopa Video Of Feliz Fosu Kwakye Hits Online After Brouhaha – Watch Video

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Aspiring NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Aburia Asebu Kwamankese, Feliz Kwakye Ofosu has been in the news for all the bedroom reasons. 

The articulate young politician is seen in a viral video in an altercation with persons who appear to be relatives of the unnamed fiancé of the woman involved.

Felix was seen in the video wearing his NDC 2020 T-Shirt and having exchanges with the unidentified persons.

Finally, a video that has since gone viral captures the full video of the aspiring MP in action

As the rumours rage on, his camp has released the “facts” about the video explaining the circumstances behind its creation.

According to them;

  1. It’s an old video which happened in August 2019 at spintex road even before their parliamentary primaries
  2. The lady in the video is an NDC activist who gave Felix space at their compound to keep some of his campaign items and in their spacious room to keep T-shirts and clothes which he has purchased for widows in his constituency.
  3. The so-called family members (the man and the woman who took the video) were at loggerheads with the lady because that very house was in contention and they believed the Lady’s presence in the house was a hindrance to their plot to sell the house at the blind side of her boyfriend who was living in Canada then.
  4. That there were other tenants in the house who saw Felix entering the room of which door was ajar and attested to the Lady’s boyfriend about the mischief of his family members.
  5. Felix did not go to the house alone but in the company of his driver to load some of the items so they could set off early to the Constituency because FKO had a planned meeting with some widows that very morning and didn’t want to be late to keep them waiting.
  6. That after this fucking video was recorded, the Lady publicly rained curses on and asked to be killed by the gods in weeks if she has even been involved ‘romantically’ with FKO before. It is over a year now and she is alive.
  7. Immediately after that video was recorded, her fiance came down to marry her to shame the plotters and has taken her to Canada.
  8. The man has even apologized to Felix for the disgraceful act of his family members.
  9. This is an empty video meant to divert the attention of the public from Akufo Addo’s toxic looting and state capture discussions ongoing now.
  10. Felix is FOCUSED on his campaign and so are his Constituents who are poised to vote massively for him come 7th Dec.

Watch the video below……….

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