Watch | 18-year-old son of Obaapa Christy and Pastor Love exposes his dad

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Pastor Love’s 18-year-old son has unmasked his own dad – In a trending video, the 18-year-old boy said he saw his dad doing ‘juju’

The young man is also the son of gospel singer, Obaapa Christy

Popular Ghanaian preacher, Pastor Love is one of the respected men of God in the country.

However,, some hidden secrets about Pastor Love have been revealed by his own son.

The 18-year-old son of Pastor Love and gospel singer, Obaapa Christy has revealed the reason why he left his dad’s house.

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Pastor Love’s 18-year-old son exposes his ‘juju’ acts

According to him, he one day went into his dad’s room and saw him performing some rituals.

He stressed that immediately Pastor Love saw him he asked him whether he wanted to go to his mother’s place and he said ‘yes’.

The boy then added that before seeing his dad’s dirty acts, he once dreamt about it.

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