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20-year-old prisoner gets crowned as beauty queen

A prisoner in Sierra Leone has been crowned as Miss Correction

The pageant was organized for prisoners all over the country

Out of the 10 contestants, eight were convicted for taking lives of people

A lady prisoner from Sierra Leone has won a beauty pageant that was held for prisoners all over the country.

BBC reported on their Focus on Africa programme that the contestants all looked well-fed, happy and excited.

Out 10 contestants that were selected from prisons across the country, eight were imprisoned for manslaughter.

The reports explain that other inmates were brought out to witness the joyous moment.

The winner whose full name was withheld was a 20-year-old from the south of the country.

She got crowned as Miss Correctional. In an interview with the BBC, the winner narrated how she was convicted, the crime she committed and her hopes and plans for the future, and how the crown made her feel. “I am very happy about winning.

Now I know society considers us even though we are in jail. It gives me hope. The crown makes me feel like I am out of prison. We know that when we eventually get released, we will become better people.

“I want to go and show off with the crowd but I am in prison. When I get out of prison, I want to return to school and also make peace with the family whose son I killed.

It was a mistake but I know I have wronged them.” The beauty queen is serving a five-year jail term for killing her partner with whom she had a two-year-old child.

She has 15 months of her jail term remaining. Meanwhile, in what appeared to be a very touching tribute, a lady by name Dzifa has stirred social media with her brave heart as she posed happily in her graduation picture with her father who lost his life just two weeks earlier.



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