The 2016 NDC Parliamentary Candidate For Nandom Constituency, Dr. Richard Kuuire, Has Done It Again.

The 2016 NDC parliamentary candidate for Nandom constituency, Dr.  Richard Kuuire, has not relented in his quest to salvage the good people of Nandom from water crisis, water related diseases and more importantly, the competition between them and their animals over water. Water, they say is life. This implicitly shows that this loyal and illustrious son of Nandom has realistically and wholeheartedly wants the life-span of his people to be extended.

Dr. Richard Kuuire who narrowly lost the 2016 parliamentary race for Nandom constituency remains committed to serving his people as a way of giving back to society, what society has given him. He has religiously demonstrated in deeds and words deep and profound love for his people.  This affection is eternal and without prejudice or discrimination.

Typical of some people, many thought that this selfless servant of Nandom was going to neglect the plight of the good people of Nandom as others across the length and breadth of the country do,  but Dr.  Richard Kuuire proved them wrong by his continuous delivery of safe drinking water to “Nandome”.

As further prove of his service, on Wednesday,  19tg December,  2018, Dr.  Richard Kuuire has commissioned another three different newly sunk boreholes, one at Vapuo, one at Tome Zendaagang and the last one at Piiri Gbollo. This has added to increase the number of boreholes,  sunk and mechanised to nine (9) boreholes since he lost the parliamentary elections in 2016. parliamentary race. What is more of a commitment than this? This is indeed a loyal son of the land who holds in high esteem the health of his people. His commitment to providing drinkable water to “Nandome” is in line with the saying that sound minds reside in healthy bodies.

As frank as he is, Dr. Richard Kuuire used the occasion to declare his intention to contest for the pending NDC parliamentary race and the member of parliament for the Nandom constituency.

This hardworking son of Nandom has dug thirty-eight (38) boreholes across the length and breadth of the Nandom constituency before the 2016 election. He did that after women and men cried to him during his tour of the constituency to seek the mandate of the people to represent them in parliament. Albeit his narrow defeat,  he still remains unrelenting to providing drinkable water for all those who cried to him during his tour.

Dr. Richard Kuuire is not only providing water to his constituents but also helps in human resource development. This,  he does by assisting the young once to furthering their education. He also assists them to put food on tables for their families.

In fact,  we can not imagine the level of development Nandom will experience under the leadership of Dr Richard Kuuire.
We can foresee a bright and prosperous future for Nandom with this dedicated,  experienced and service oriented servant,  Dr Richard Kuuire, a true God sent saviour, at the helm as Member of Parliament of Nandom Constituency.

Nandom Deputy Youth Organiser

Yakubu Abdul Rahaman

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