2020 Africa Infrastructure Index Report : Ghana Ranked 12th, 2nd Best In West Africa

Ghana was ranked 12th out of 54 countries in the 2020 Africa Infrastructure Index Report conducted by the African Development Bank.

The nation was also the 2nd best performing country in West Africa behind Cape Verde.

Ghana’s ranking improved from a score of 28.8% in 2018 to 30.12%.  However, this is far below the top six African countries scores.

For instance, Seychelles, Egypt, Libya and South Africa recorded 94.3%, 85.8%, 81.4% and 78.5% scores respectively.

For Electricity or Power Index, Ghana maintained its 18th position last year, but with an improved score of 7.74%.

This means more work must be done to expand the electricity infrastructure.

For the Transport Index, the nation dropped from the 14th position in 2018 to 16th in 2020, but with a better score of 11.5%.

When it comes to ICT, Ghana maintained its 14th position, with an improved score of 26.6% last year.

In terms of Water Supply and Sanitation Index, the country score of 78.9% placed it at the 13th position, same as the 2018 rankings.

The Africa Infrastructure Index Report covered transport, power, ICT as well as water and sanitation.

The results show that the ranking of the top 10 countries remains unchanged compared to 2018. Seychelles, Egypt, Libya, South Africa, Mauritius, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Cape Verde and Botswana were the top 10 countries. All these countries, the report said, are characterized by a robust investment performance across all infrastructure subsectors.

Among these 10 countries, five are located in North Africa.

“It is noteworthy that any significant improvement in the rankings of countries was mainly due to progress in the ICT subsector and, to a lesser extent, in water and sanitation”, it added.

The bottom 10 countries in the rankings remain almost unchanged. These countries are Central Africa Republic, Madagascar (which fell in the ranking in 2020 and ceded its place to Sierra Leone), Ethiopia, Eritrea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Niger, South Sudan and Somalia, which continuously occupies last place despite the considerable progress it has made.

The ranking of the five African subregions remains unchanged, with North Africa still leading, followed by Southern Africa, West Africa, East Africa, and Central Africa.

Top 5 West African countries

1 Cape Verde 47.955
2 Ghana 28.835
3 The Gambia 28.612
4 Senegal 25.965
5 Nigeria 22.365

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