5 girls team up to beat boy after realising he was dating them at the same time (Video)


In recent times, the phenomenon of one person dating more than one partner seems to have come in vogue

. While we often chastise women when we hear the stories of ladies dating many men at the same time, rarely do we hear the same criticisms when a man does same.

But a young man who decided to live a promiscuous life has got more than verbal criticisms as he has been physically assaulted.

According to reports on social media, the embattled young man deceived five different young ladies with love and slept with them in turns.

The five ladies, by some strange reasons, found out and teamed up to exact a painful revenge on the young man. In a video sighted by YEN.com.gh, the ladies accosted the guy in the middle of a bush path and started beating him up.

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After taking some beatings from his lovers, the guy bolted leaving his jacket with the ladies on his trail.

Reports suggest the incident happened somewhere in Tanzania.


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