5 truths about Accra you probably didn't know


Even as Ghana gains much acclamation from across the world for being a peaceful and marginally economic-centred nation, one may think the said accolade translates to the reality on the ground especially in the main economic city of Accra where a chunk of the nation’s resources are gained.
Living in the Greater Accra region could be a dream come true for thousands of Ghanaians from the hinterlands.
In reality, this dream most often remains dashed when one comes to experience the hardships related to the Accra lifestyle.
Let’s delve into the specific experiences you are bound to face here in Accra after leaving your family and friends in the hinterlands for greener pastures.
1. High cost of living
Just like any other economic city in the world, Accra remains one of the most difficult cities to live in as a Ghanaian.
To be frank, this is the city where you are bound to spend at least GH? 10.00 each day on a three square meal.
Just get to any food vendor in Accra and ask of the cost of a ball of kenkey or even a plate of rice, you would be shocked to know the price involved.
After your food, you may want to look at the very place you would be laying your head (shelter) when night falls – No one needs to tell you that cheapest single room self-contain you could manage during your stay here could cost you between GH? 250.00 – 500.00 cedis per month based on the location you are looking at.
And oh! we have not even come to transportation and utility bills yet. Truth be told, the only way by which you could escape some of these cost-threatening amenities is through ”perching” with a friend or family member here in the city.
2. High rate of unemployment
Coming to Accra as a jobless man or woman with the aim of landing a decent job is close to impossible.
In fact, you may just want to visit various bus stations and slums and ask those already here and they would be quiet frank with you – that it is virtually possible to land your dream job.
Over 70% of Ghana’s university graduates are unemployed with over 50% already wildly searching for jobs in the great city of Accra.
The only way by which you could survive the unemployment climate in Accra is either starting your own job or landing the job before travelling over to the city.
3. Security issues
For those of us already here in Accra, we well do know that the issue of security is never stable.
On your way to your daily activities in Accra, you could be hit by any other uncertainty from street thugs snatching your bags or belongings, armed robbers budging into your home to rob and kill, or even a mentally retarded person harming you to death.
As if that is not enough, should you escape all these unfortunate situations, you may be faced with the challenge of dealing with fraudsters, oh yes! They come in different shades from that poor looking lady at the bus-stop narrating how she lost all her belonging in a fortnight to that shady telephone call telling you of how you won a deal worth a billion dollars! Just be on your guard and call 191 should you need the police.
4. Poor hospitality
Just reading the first three experiences featured in the “Accra Living” no one should tell you Ghanaians in Accra are less hospitable. Well, considering your definition of hospitality, the benchmark for this revelation is the ”Good Samaritan” kind of hospitality.
Everyone here in Accra is going through a challenge or two – from the pressure of having to pay high rent advances to the frustration of high utility bills and so on.
No one has the time to stop, say hi and even go the mile of lending a helping hand (It could only take a miracle!).
Accra is a city where everyone is thinking of himself and family not necessarily the problems of next door neighbours let alone strangers!
5. Dirt dirt dirt!
It is now a known fact that considering the population boom here in Accra, the issue of sanitation has become severely serious over the past years.
Talk of choked gutters, dusty roads, heaps of rubbish at public markets, littered streets, polluted water bodies…the list goes on and on! It is now a culture to throw rubbish and burn rubbish anywhere in Accra.
Why do you think the city records the highest cases of Cholera year in and year out not even talking about the dangerous floods whenever the city experiences torrential rains?
Source: Yen.com.gh

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