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The Children I have were Created by me – Claims Lucifer

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Cape Coast, 31st October, 2020, Popular African Traditional spiritualist, Kwaku Peprah who is also known as Lucifer or Quotation Master has stated that we are the creators of new things and as such the children he would give birth to are created by him and not God. According to him if God has created something, then he can also create something. “I created my own children”.

“If I have sex with my wife and she gets pregnant, I take care of the pregnancy till birth, who has created that child? “I did because God played no role in that exercise” he claimed.

He explained further added that, humans have the creative power and ability and all other new things in this world were created by us and not God. “God created birds and animals but we have built mansions and aeroplanes” . “Did God build aeroplanes for us? He quizzed.

According to him, God created the world and all other things left are those that should be continued by man.” When a goat gives birth, what do we get? When a cow gives birth, what do we get? So, when humans give birth, what do we get? He quizzed. When his attention was drawn to the fact that it’s all part of God’s plan, he answered that “We are only continuing with God’s creation and not God creating new things” he added.

Quoting Genesis 1:26-28, Lucifer said if the Bible says God created man in His image and likeness then “Who are we?” “Are we also not God’s?” If I say I’m God, what is the problem? ” he asked.

He continued further that God finished His creation according to the Bible and all other new things on this earth are creations of men and not God. “The cars, trains, phones, computers and all others are created by man and we are only continuing with God’s creation because He created us in his image and likeness” he added.

He was speaking on Television CK monitored on YouTube.

He ended by quoting 1 Samuel 2:6-7 “The Lord brings death and makes alive; he brings down to the grave and raises up. The Lord sends poverty and wealth; he humbles and he exalts”. He expounded that, everything that happens are part of God’s plan and both good and evil comes from God and no one should blame the devil for any mishap.

“We are God’s and as a man soweth so shall he reap.”No one should think that he shall do evil and go scot free” “Nature doesn’t work like that and if you do good, good would reward you and if you do evil, same shall you be rewarded accordingly”.

He added that most of the things he is saying today shall not be understood by most people now. Most of them would only understand when they have died and cannot reverse anything.

According to Quotation Master, God is a rewarder of both evil and good and that is dependant upon our actions and inactions and we should not blame any devil for anything that happens to us.

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