8 Togolese soldiers illegally enter Ghana to arrest a dissident (PHOTOS)


– Eight Togolese soldiers have illegally entered Ghana through the Volta region

– Eight Togolese soldiers have illegally entered Ghana through the Volta region

– All eight of them are set to be escorted back to the border in order to ensure their safety The Volta Regional Police Commander, DCOP Ebenezer Doku, has disclosed that eight military men from Togo have illegally entered Ghana. According to him, their mission was to pick up a Togolese dissident who was allegedly hiding at Amoako, a suburb of Jasikan in the Volta region. YEN.com.gh understands that the presence of the soldiers was not communicated to the Ghanaians authorities.

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Upon realizing their presence, residents in the community set upon them and managed to arrest three of them.

One of them was reportedly tied to a stake, and readied for execution, but this was not to be, as some people intervened.

“The police together with the District Chief Executive of Jasikan managed to rescue the three Togolese soldiers at Amoako, and they were sent to the Jasikan police station for questioning”, he disclosed.

DCOP Doku added that in the process of interrogating them, there have been arrangements to also deport them.

He added that as a result of the attack, there is need to escort them to the border, in order to ensure they are safe.

He went on to say that Ghana’s Interpol office have been notified, in order to get their Togolese colleagues to observe the international convention on the arrest of citizens outside their sovereign state.

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