An Open Letter to UCC Distance Education Center

Dear CoDE ,
In your bid of ushering us to be citizens with good academic credence, I pen these few words to you about the displeasure of some Ghanaians regarding how the CoDE administration has dealt with the Student from CoDE for the current student
 One of the key issues that decided your fate in the past student was about your well structured for the main campus students and for that matter, people like us jumped into your institution.
Upon we having an admission into your school, little has been seen with regards to dealing with student welfare, unable to provide academic resource on time, issuing of a bank Automated money card as student ID with the shameful inscription at the bank, increasing of fees without thinking about some student being able to get access to money, treating student in a very hard way and many more.
 However, this is the last year for some of us and as tensed the education terrain will be, I am aware there are some cases pending on your table but for one year now how will your institution account to the people on dealing with academic issues. That notwithstanding, CoDE I’m very optimistic the good Lord will bless your good heart and efforts with other good students during and after us but we hope to help build a better UCC-CoDE and after that, please fix competent people to run our lovely Education
Of your administration will be on the heels of this past, current and the next students by spewing garbage about the school.
Now our simple questions are as follows:
1. Do you check on how you admission is reducing?
2. How can a student pay for a resit of Ghc 120-250 per course  whilst your other competitors resit fees per course is less than a 50 cedis for two or more courses
3. How can a student whom you have access to his or her Certificate would be drag from exams center during exams because of Ghc 30.00?
4. Why should a student pay additional money as a project manual whilst almost 95% of the CoDE students are doing just a top-up and have written a project before. Can it be because of money?
5. Within the past, one month student results have been changed for more than three-time. Can we boldly believe that UCC CoDE doesn’t mark student scripts?


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