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Man curses wife for ‘cheating’ with 17-year-old nephew

Lucy Nkansah, a 29-year-old woman has been accused by her husband to have slept his nephew. By this, she is on the verge of losing her marriage.

Narrating her ordeal, My News Ghana gathered that her husband Asare Aikins became suspicious after he claimed the wife Madam Lucy was mentioning the nephew’s name in her dream.

Upon several deliberations, the husband took an egg to swear the water gods to kill me and the nephew thereafter.

“He pronounced that the river gods should kill me and appease themselves with the nephew,” she narrated.

Several attempts have been made to resolve the matter with Lucy’s mother, but all proven futile.

“He beat me mercilessly and tore my dress after I confronted him, I was lucky to have worn an underwear else he would have exposed my nakedness,” she added.

Lucy having taken the oath, denied the allegations leveled against her by the husband. But Mr. Aikins still stood by his word, describing his wife as a loose woman for sleeping with the nephew.




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