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A Plus and TPP are fraud – Operation director

The new youth movement started by musician turned politician Kwame A Plus called The People’s Project (TPP) according to its operations director is a fraud entity.

A Plus who used to be a sympathizer for the ruling NPP prior to the 2020 elections announced this new group and revealed his intention to contest for presidency in the future.

After the creations and his constant attack on the government, many netizens and some sympathizers of the various political parties were of the view that A Plus was seeking his personal interest and not that of the youth as claimed.

Well, less than four(4) after its establishment the operations director for TPP identified as Don Kano has come out to state that A Plus is using the movement for his personal gain.

According to him, the main idea behind the movement was to be a strong force as well as the third force to reckon with in the political space.

In a video shared online, he stated that after helping to get people to join the movement A-Plus pockets all the monies for his personal gains.

He continued that he did all manner of things just to support A Plus including forcing people who had come to A-Plus seeking help to create dummy social media accounts to support A-Plus.

Don Kano further talked about the musician badmouthing all the independent candidates they planned to support ahead of the 2020 elections.


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