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A Responsible father will never spend 2.8Million to bath in the sky while His children are hungry Efo Worlanyo 

On mothers’ day we all rush to wish all mothers well but on Father’s day even men themselves segregate the wish into potential and responsible fathers.

This is because we’ve had a responsible father who builds schools because he knows how important Education is to his children, build hospitals because he knows the implications of falling sick without medical care, gave his children water because he knew water was life.

Another has given fathers a bad name today because he prefares bathing in the sky with 2.8million instead of providing social amenities to his ‘beloved’ children.

He will prefare to employ his own family members to an already ‘oversized’ government at the expense of the borehole that needs to be constructed for the people of Alavanyo.

He will encourage his favorite sons and daughters like Wontumi, Abronye, Madam Kate Gyamfua, John Boadu, Charles Bisiw, Nana B and others to do Galamsey to destroy our water bodies instead of providing water to his people because Party hia Sika (Party needs money).

A responsible father will not give his children water and food and later ask them to pay.

A responsible father will never inflate cost of Covid-19 drugs for his own children to pay, only irresponsible and heartless fathers will do such a thing.

On this special day I join my constituency and branch Youth Organizers and the entire Youth in the Bono Region to wish President John Dramani Mahama, our good father, a responsible father for that matter, a very Happy father’s day.

We pray his second coming as President will be greater than his first.

Happy Father’s Day Mr. President.

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