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A word of advice to NPP and its boot-licking sycophants

In the UP/NPP, there is a long standing tradition of overconfidence as if electoral victory can be conjured by sitting in an armchair in the comfort of our homes.

The NPP grassroots as “kingmakers” have become the wiser. Their utter disappointment in the Akufo-Addo administration has gained expression in the appalling results in the 2020 elections. Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko, in a text message to a colleague of ours had this to say: “There are machines used for constructing roads, and afterwards, there are vehicles that ply on them”. Meaning, there are people who are used to campaign to win elections, and thereafter, there are those who enjoy in the government.

This is a message for the grassroots of the NPP, so, over to you and me at the base of the political pyramid.

The Party has of late resorted to superstition and fake prophecies by get-rich-quick stomach so-called prophets whose prophecies are nothing but factoid that make them farcical faith caricatures. So-called prophetic conjectures do not win elections, it is rather hard work, and who does the donkey job? Is it not the grassroots? And are they cared for in appreciable anyway?

But for greed, sycophancy, and boot-licking flattery as a political model of mendicancy adopted by many a ventripotent stomach political followers, many ousted or defeated world leaders wouldn’t have lost their respect and admiration of the public. It isn’t therefore surprising that they plummet from grace to grass. This thinking aloud piece of script has occasioned from how some appointees of this administration, feel so hurt when the naked truth of factual findings are voiced out. Asante Bediatuo, the President’s executive Secretary once labelled the vatic forebodings of the Secretariat of the 1956 UP Tradition as faceless cowards. The results of the just ended parliamentary and presidential elections have come to prove the supposed faceless cowards right, because we are in our tens of thousands, and we listen to what the people feel, and put them into expression for the attention of the Party, yet they doubt it, because power corrupts.

If the National Executives had paid heed to the sentiments of apathy in the Party due to the disastrous and disappointing governance of this Akufo-Addo administration, the Presidential votes margin wouldn’t have dropped dramatically in only four years interval from over a million votes to a near loss.

Similarly, the parliamentary seats wouldn’t have dropped from a majority to an equally split seats in parliament, whereby Party executives have had to desperately go down on their knees to beg a genuinely NPP independent Fomena elected parliamentarian who was snubbed, begging for his seat to be added to ours to afford us rather a marginal majority.

But for the overbearing conduct of President Akufo-Addo, the Speaker of parliament wouldn’t have been elected from the opposition NDC. When the people say nay, it is their innate expression of their sentiments.

These are good political lessons worth learning, but no, the boot-licking sycophants keep goading him on to remain a democratic demagogue and a self-styled “monarch”, referring to President Akufo-Addo as an NPP encyclopedia. If so, who and what are the originators of the tradition that has given birth to the NPP? Such fawning statements are just too infantile, and very unbecoming of Council of State member, who are supposed to counsel the President for the better in performance.

Before we realise, the 2024 elections will be a serious disastrous and regrettable event for us, but by then, it will be too late to amend.
Those who are Council of State members will fly an empty pitch, and all other appointees will leave their offices dishonourably. Be bold and tell the truth of circumstances, even if it will cost you your job by a captious overbearing angry boss. Telling the truth, and defending what is right is what is makes a person principled patriotic citizen and a nobleman.

The earlier we desist from our culture of boot-licking sycophancy, and learn to be bold and candidly frank in telling the truth of our own circumstances, the better it will be for us to perform better for Ghana and Ghanaians, so that we can sustain our Party once again in power, hence defying the much perceived eight years turn by turn rule between NPP and NDC.

If a particular leadership contestant appeals to anybody, nothing prevents them from projecting him or her, and indeed, his admirers have to show cause why their contestant is a better choice than others. That is what portrays a person as politically couth, ethical, and mature, so, be mature Sir.

A word to the wise is usually enough.


Story: TheVillageNewsMan

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