About Us

My News Ghana is a Ghanaian online media portal that drives focus on the latest news and events happening across Ghana and beyond. Since its launch on 11th October 2015, My News Ghana has become the household name for anyone looking for the latest updates in Ghana.

We have a professional team of news editors and reporters who write on the latest in Sports, Entertainment, Politics, Business, Africa, and the Diaspora.

Over the years, we have gained the trust of Ghanaians and Foreigners who seek to learn more about the latest news in Ghana and Beyond.

Every day, our portal receives between 20,000 to 60,000 pageviews with 70% of traffic coming from Ghana, 10% from the United States, 5% from the United Kingdom, 5% from Nigeria, and the rest from Germany, Togo, Kenya, UAE, Australia, Russia, and Uganda.


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