Members of the Ada-East assembly has for the third time voted to reject their DCE nominee Hon. Sarah Dugbaki Pobee. The nominee had  a total of 19 out of 36 votes cast in her favor. Eventhough the 19 votes was an improvement on the 13 she had in the first election, it couldn’t secure her the maximum votes of 24 that she needed to secure the DCE position. The Ada-Foah Fiegbedu electoral area assembly member who doubles as a business woman was early this year rejected by her colleagues after securing only 13 out of a total of 36 votes. She together with the electoral commission however failed to turn-up for the second time before her rejection yesterday. The nominee who refused to talk to the media have the opportunity to turn-up for another election within 10 days period after she secured 52 percent, more than the constitutional mandatory 50 percent which gave her another chance.
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