My advice to the flag bearer, John Dramani MAHAMA, on choice of Running-Mate – Nana Kwame Darkwa


    I hope in choosing the running mate,  these few points will come to play.

    1. We want someone who will compliment JM not who will envy JM’s position.

    2.  We want someone the NPP will have nothing to say about him, the office he or she occupied, family life and social life.

    3. We want someone who cuts across more than 3 or 4 regions and speaks not less than 4 Ghanaian languages.

    4. We do not need the old argument that he or she must be an economist as Bawumia and others have proved to be disasters.

    5. JM himself was not an economist but run a successful economy as Vice and as President….its about leadership.

    6. The best region to compliment JM is Greater Accra….a real Ga

    7.  The position is not for sale and those who think it is all about money are to desist from that notion…

    8. The NDC needs someone who will simply appeal to the floating voter and appeal to even folks from the NPP.

    9. Someone who will come out as trustworthy and hardworking….full of integrity

    10.  With ROPAA looming, we need somebody with a diaspora connection….preferably an ex-NDC executive or diplomat.



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