Afenyo-Markin, The Useless & Hopeless Lawyer

Afenyo-Markin claimed that the iron son of the upright peasant farmer is unqualified for the position of lecturer at the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), and as a matter of fact, he is prepared to remove him from his position as lecturer at UEW.
It is well over 2 months now since Afenyo-Markin, together with his bootlicker titles man, Ahmed Jinapor arrived at that conclusion, and the iron son of the upright peasant farmer is still at post. So if Afenyo-Markin is not useless and hopeless, then what else is he?
Until Afenyo-Markin sues UEW for employing an unqualified person and my good self, and proving to the court that am only good at driving articulator trucks and nothing more, his complete and accurate description shall remain useless and hopeless crying baby!
If not a useless and hopeless person, why can’t Afenyo-Markin publish his poor quality articles under his name, but rather resort to using pseudo names and other hired unemployed youth to do his bidding?
When it also comes to petitioning State agencies like the Auditor-General, the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE), Bureau of National Investigations (BNI), etc., to investigate UEW or other persons, it is all pseudo names. Because Afenyo-Markin is very stupid, he foolishly believe that these State establishments are also stupid to engage in such fruitless adventures. He who alleges, MUST prove, so crying baby Afenyo-Markin, submit your so-called evidence to these investigative bodies to help them arrive at the conclusion you so  foolishly and selfishly desire.
It is clear that Afenyo-Markin is full of cowardice and evil. I have challenged him in the past to an open debate on Television, regarding the UEW matters or any other issue, and the little kid Afenyo-Markin is running scared. The only thing small boy Afenyo-Markin is good at, is to pay money to some journalists at some selected media houses, and pre-determine the questions he should be asked. This is cowardice and moronic!
If Afenyo-Markin honestly believe that he is not useless, hopeless, a coward and a baby, he should sue me, get me convicted, jailed and throw the keys to my prison abode into the sea! Afenyo-Markin is so useless that even his voodoo has followed suit. For if his voodoo was not useless as himself, I wouldn’t be alive today and helping him to lose the Effutu Constituency seat to Dr. James Kofi Annan, come the 2020 general elections. If not for the fear of Allah, I would have proved my excessive devastating power surpassing that of Rambo and Bin Laden to Afenyo-Markin and other like-minded miserable individuals.
If not a useless, hopeless and ignorant Member of Parliament (MP), which other MP in Ghana or elsewhere, interferes in the governance of a university located in his Constituency?
Two other staff of UEW who applied for promotion to Associate Professor did not make it, just like titles man Ahmed Jinapor, so why is Afenyo-Markin not talking about the other 2, but only the case of titles man Ahmed Jinapor? Herein lies Afenyo-Markin’s greed and bad faith!
Anyway, which law of this country makes a provision that crooks, common criminals and thieves parading as public-spirited persons are now responsible for the running of public universities in Ghana?
If Afenyo-Markin is an MP; is a lawyer; and holds a Masters Degree in Security and Intelligence, or something like that, so what? This Afenyo-Markin chap is possessed by demons, and require serious deliverance. Since he is a supposed Catholic, he needn’t look too far, because the Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni, the undisputed Vice-Chancellor (VC) of UEW, may administer such deliverance service if called upon.
I urge those 2 guys who have been allegedly contracted to attack me to do it quick, for Afenyo-Markin hasn’t seen anything yet. Am now contemplating waging a media war against this pathetic little boy parading as Afenyo-Markin or whatever he calls himself.
Alhassan Salifu Bawah
(son of an upright peasant farmer)

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