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Akufo-Addo can’t sack me …embattled Head of Transport at Jubilee House brags from sick bed

The Director of Transport and Logistics at the Presidency (Jubilee House), Odeneho Nana Oppong, currently under police investigations into reports that he has engaged his office in malfeasance and unlawful activities has laughed off reports that he had been dismissed from office.

He said it is true there his office has been involved in an issue under police investigations but it is not a weighty matter that the President can sack him over or even ask him to leave office.

The embattled Nana Oppong has told The New Publisher that he is still at post in his capacity as Director of Transport and Logistics at the Presidency therefore anyone who claims he has been sacked should prove with evidence or shut up.

“If you want the full story, I would give you the full story…. The President has not sacked me. It is an issue that has come up and it is being investigated. It is not a sack. No one has sacked me from office. If you go to the Chief of Staff, and ask her about this, you would hear what she would tell you.

“The letter I received from the Chief of Staff did not say I have been sacked. When we meet I would show you all my letters one by one so you can write an in-depth story. You may even be the one who would help me to be free”, Nana Oppong told The New Publisher last week Monday and booked a meeting with the paper for the next day at 12:30 pm.

The time came and he never picked his phone calls throughout the day. He also ignored all messages sent to his phone.

Days later he sent the paper’s editor a message on WhatsApp saying he was in the hospital suffering from chest pains and that he was sorry he cannot talk to the paper anymore.

During the telephone conversation, Nana Oppong refused to answer whether it was true that he had given out some security operational numbers to some persons to go on galamsey sites to partake in unlawful operations and one of such Operational Numbers was used for a criminal activity that has caught the attention of national security and led to his sack.

His response was that he has a lawyer and he would want to talk to his lawyer first before responding to the question.

Nana Oppong all through the conversation told The New Publisher to go and read a story from the Daily Guide about his purported sack from office and that it was his official response.

He said: “Why are you pushing me to the wall? Don’t you know that I have a lawyer? Do you want me to respond and make a mistake? When the Daily Guide published that story, I did not speak to any of the radio stations that called me. I spoke to my lawyer and he said I should be patient and that he would respond to them.

“Then you have also called me saying you want some clarity and details about the same story about me being sacked from the Presidency or from my former office and I am saying show me your letter that says I have been dismissed from my office.”

Nana Oppong continued: “I do not understand why you are asking me this. Let me see my lawyer first. You have asked me a question and I am saying let me see my lawyer first because if you publish a false story, know that in his world, it is wrong to publish lies about someone. I am a human being like you so let me see my lawyer first or go to the Daily Guide.

“If you want a story from me, you don’t call to threaten me. Go to where you got the story from and write it. Daily Guide wrote this first and I am telling you to take the story as you heard it. Their story is false and lacks details.

“The matter is under investigation and it is being looking into and the President has not sacked me from office over this matter. The report you heard that the President has sacked me is not true. If you go and write something that is not true, my lawyer would take it up”, he added.


More soon on what exactly Nana Oppong has been visiting the hospital and why the national security has picked up the matter.

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