Akufo Addo Flees From BBC Request For Interview

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The BBC is reporting that President Akufo Addo has taken cover from being interviewed by the news network.

“The BBC did request an interview with President Nana Akufo Addo over several weeks, but his team declined to give us an interview,” reported Sophie Ikenya of BBC Focus on Africa.

This is the second biggest platform the incumbent president of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration has refused to render an account to public query.

Earlier, President Akufo Addo had refused an open invitation by his main opponent in the December 7, presidential race, John Dramani Mahama for a public debate on both their stewardship in the first term of their administration.

Indeed, John Mahama had given the President a mouthwatering concession, saying he [President Akufo Addo] could pick his own venue and moderator for the much-awaited debate.

Indeed, this will be one of the rarest Presidential races in Ghana’s Fourth Republic that the main contenders could not face off in a debate because the incumbent has simply developed cold feet.

It is unclear why President Akufo Addo is avoiding any probing questioning session and has only opted for public relation sessions with friendly media houses.

Critics have concluded that the President may be running away from his shadows because of the plethora of corruption scandals that have dogged his administration.

The latest being a damning secret video showing him receiving some US$40,000 in an alleged bribe to keep a civil servant at his post.

With this list of negative baggage, the President may be avoiding these encounters as a safe option from goofing irredeemably a few days to the presidential elections where he seeks a second term in office.


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