Akufo Addo’s Real Enemies Are His Family Members

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One thing about Ghanaian political leaders is that they never learn from the mistakes made by their predecessors. It has become more prevalent in the 4th republic where Rawlings, Kufuor, Mills, and Mahama refused to listen to advice and paid the price for it.


Mahama in particular paid a painful price because his family members namely his brothers Alfred Mahama, Peter Mahama, Ibrahim Mahama, and his wife Lordina Mahama took over the entire government machinery and even at a point you could not get any sovereign guarantee to do any government project unless you went to Ibrahim’s or Alfred’s house and agreed to pay 10% upfront for the project.


Enter Nana Akuffo Addo the current President who in spite of his hard work is likely to lose in the 2nd round of elections because of the same mistakes as his predecessor Mahama.

The Agyapa deal is a typical example. The overreliance on Ken Ofori Atta his cousin, Nana Asante Bediato his cousin, Gabby Okyere Darko his cousin, and  Hon Yaw Osaafo Marfo on every government business appear to be a secret project to build a political dynasty.

Akuffo Addo in the process of not making any serious reshuffle in the government resulting in a culture where everyone is doing what they like and not learning from the mistakes of his predecessor is throwing away an easy victory and consigning loyal party members to suffering and pain.



The 2020 elections should be won easily by Nana Addo. He has worked so hard. He however does not listen to anybody so Ministers are afraid to tell him the truth for fear he will lose his temper so even if things are bad they will tell him it’s good so they can have their peace.


Nana Addo has a good opportunity over the next 100 days to reflect and listen. The goodwill is there but the truth is there is a lot of resentment and total dislike for Gabby Okyere Darko and Ken Ofori Atta because they hijack everything and every opportunity for Ghanaians and especially the businessmen and women in your party.

This is creating a lack of willingness in your party to campaign for a 2nd term.                                               Dear Mr. Nana Addo, I have never voted in any election but I voted for you in 2016 because of the good policies which you have implemented. Free SHS and planting for food and jobs are my personal favorites.


Please think about your struggles and tribulations that brought you to the presidency and stop putting your family members first before you make a party or national decisions. Your family members do not have a constituency in your party NPP. You do! You were the first national organizer of the NPP, a three-term MP, a three-time presidential candidate before becoming President. You have gone through a lot! Please the mistakes are too much! correct them before it’s too late.

Rakia Barakisu Sheni                           

A concerned citizen  and a floating voter                                 



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