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Alan Supporters Show Discipline and Maturity at NPP Conference

The national executive committee of the NPP in the run-up towards the national delegates conference in the Ashanti region took some bold decisive decisions which sort essentially to admonish individuals who were seeking political office at different levels of the party hierarchy to desist from any act which would undermine the unity of the party.

This included among others, the banning of all billboards, posters, flyers, t-shirts, and other publicity materials that could be identified with individual aspirants.

Against this background, almost all the individuals who have shown either directly or indirectly to have an interest in contesting for different positions in the party took concrete steps to abide by the directives of the party leadership.

Most political commentators were of the opinion that, these directives from the national executive committee were indirectly targeting one of the potential presidential aspirants, the Minister for Trade and Industry, Alan Kyerematen. This is against the background of the massive support the minister has received at the recently held constituency and regional delegates conference as well as his widely acknowledged popularity at the grassroots levels of the party.

It is therefore not surprising that consistent with the character demeanor and disposition of the man Alan, his teaming followers attended the conference in their numbers and displayed a high sense of maturity and discipline and comported themselves in such a disciplined manner to the amazement and admiration of the delegates who attended the conference.

Instead of attempting to bulldoze their way through the security installation mounted at the conference venue, the supporters of Alan decided to undertake a peaceful march along a dedicated route outside the conference perimeter to avoid any clashes with the heavily armed security officers in attendance at the conference.

In light of the potential serious conflict that could have emerged if supporters of Alan had also stormed the conference ground in an equally unruly manner, it is, therefore, worth commending the supporters of Alan, who went to Kumasi to lend their support to the party in a peaceful and disciplined manner.



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