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Alarm blows on $10m smart streetlights project scheduled to have been completed 4 months ago

Academic and social activist Prof Stephen Kwaku Asare popularly known as Kwaku Azar is demanding for accountability on the whereabout of a 10m dollar facility advanced by the Millenium Development Authority MiDA for Ghana’s streetlights.

Readers of will recall 9 months ago contract for over 14,000 smart streetlights to be dotted across the capital, Accra was awarded and due to be completed in March this year.

The project spanning a distance of about 440km of roads expected to at the auspices of the Millennium Development Authority (MiDA).

The project, signed under the Ghana Compact Two Agreement, was to funded by MiDA to the tune of about 9.89 million US Dollars.

It would have seen the installation of new energy-efficient low-maintenance street lights and the replacement of malfunctioning street lights within selected areas of Accra.

But following news of darkness at the GIMPA by-pass and other areas, questions are being asked.

According to Prof Azar, current events raise “the question of the status of the $10M provided by MiDA to fund work on over 14,000 smart streetlights, spanning a distance of about 440km of roads, that was promised to be completed by March.”

He lamented: “Accra gets too dark at night. This is not good for the spirit and night life. This is also  a magnet for criminal activity.

Therefore, I enthusiastically support the police command’s call for street lights on the Achimota-GIMPA road to prevent the recurrence of criminal activity on that stretch.”

“GOGO demands an accounting of the $10M street lights.”.

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