Alavanyo Killings: DCOP Francis Doku Is a Bloody Liar And His Cup Will Surely Be Full – Efo Walanyo Tsekpo

    Tears are flowing once again in Alavanyo, my motherland because the securities who were sent there for peacekeeping have decided to turn their guns on us.
    Today the deliberate negligence of the securities in Alavanyo have rendered about 11 children fatherless.
    For a year now, Alavanyo and Nkonya have been living in peace without any issue been reported until the deliberate killing of three people by the security forces who rather have responsibility to protect us. Does it mean the securities can be blamed for most of the killings that has made Alavanyo and Nkonya a ghost town today?
    God actually exposed   the reason behind the transfer of Francis Doku to our Region and if care is not taken his actions will plunk the Region into what we don’t wish for.
    Three people were shot dead in Alavanyo by military personnels who were sent there for peace keeping and all the Ponzi Regional Police Commander could say is the the people shot themselves, and in another account he was heard saying there was a cross fire exchange between the military and the people of Alavanyo.
    Why is the Commander afraid to tell the whole world about the fact of the killing of the three innocent people by the military?
    Who is the commander trying to protect per the directive he to took from the top after the midnight meeting that was held at his residence concerning the deliberate killing by the military?
    Why does he want to push his agenda of making Volta Region look bad in the sight of the world.
    We know his marriage with this current government and his political assignment he was sent there to achieve in the Region.
    Today civilians are been shot everyday by the securities who are paid with our taxes. They now turn the guns bought by the state from the taxes on us.
    After shooting us they sit and plan mouth watering criminal charges against us to make us look bad, all because they are in charge of security and people listen to them more than our tiny voices.
    It happened in Asawase, it happened in Weija, it happened at the North, it happened in Accra and it is happened in Alavanyo.
    The outcome of the Asawase killings is a classical evidence on how our securities who are to protect us decided to turn the guns on us and later describe us as criminals.
    Francis DOKU should bear in mind that his lies today will be exposed tomorrow.
    He should not forget those who are dead have families, and the tears of their children and relatives will be never make him have peace until he tell the whole world the facts of the killings.
    He should know that their meeting to defend and clear the military on this serious matter by denying justice to those killed will be a heavy load on his neck until he tells the whole world about the truth.
    The cry of their families will be the cry of Francis DOKU and his family.
    Francis DOKU should know that the power he has today will rust tomorrow so he should be careful with his hypocritical and one sided reports in the Region.
    He should know that his decision that Alavanyo has a History, so tagging them of killing themselves will sell much more than telling the world the truth is out there on the street.
    All we asking the security service is to come out to tell the people of Ghana the truth about what actually happened in Alavanyo-Dzogbedze that led to the killing of the two people and stop tarnishing the image of the people of Alavanyo and  those the military killed with state guns.
    Francis Doku, a whole Regional Commander lied in an interview with the multimedia group that people were shooting from the mountain in Alavanyo- Dzogbezde that was why they also shot and killed the innocent people on the street while the truth is that there is no mountain in Dzogbezde so which mountain is Francis Doku talking about?
    One can’t just understand the meaningless statement from the Commander , because the first two people who were shot, were shot and killed on the street of Alavanyo Dzogbezde by the security taskforce and not on any mountain top as claimed by Francis Doku.
    Francis Doku should for once be professional and let the cat out of the bag.
    Justice is all we want

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