Albinos are one of us, but in unique skin – Moses Agbemava Writes


Albinos are one of us, but in the unique skin.

The cross-country bus terminal was so crowded, travelers and their escorts have occupied all the available seats at the bus terminal. The sun was really blazing, it was as if the devil himself was on duty that Saturday afternoon. There was no shade covering extra available spaces one can at least rest for a while before boarding a bus.


That was when I saw a beautiful albino lady in her middle age, in dark glasses, with pullover on; making her way into the bus terminal. Due to her discomfort under the sun, she tried pleading for those already seated under the bus terminal shade to shift a bit for her to adjust herself among them.


They refused, but she kept insisting until they gave in. To my utmost surprise, those seated close to her kept moving away from one after the other, virtually leaving her seated all alone on the bench. I took advantage of the situation and joined her on the bench. I initiated conversation with her, and we ended up having lunch together that afternoon.

What realized in our lengthy conversation was, she has most at times been all alone, coiled in her shell; not being liked, or cared for, rejected, marginalized and looked down upon and most painfully seen as repulsive, not worthy to mingle with the rest of humans.

What has gone wrong with our intellect, enlightenment, and hospitality as a nation, which we exhibit constantly to total strangers who are not even Ghanaians? My advice to some of us is, let’s descend from our high ignorant classes, research and have ample insight of what albinism is all about; after all, those complex phones we poses are meant to enhance our status.

Son of Man

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