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This story as captured in a video that was broadcasted on NET 2 Television’s the Seat Show tells of an old woman who claims to have been a caretaker for former President John Dramani Mahama, during his childhood. Called, Maame Dansowa Akosua narrates of her poor living status, and the seeming neglect by the former President, whom she had help his parents raise. She disclosed that late Adam Mahama took her into their household to care for his children, “and they were five in number,” Maame Dansowa Akosua added.

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She disclosed that, she had to leave the household after serving the family for several years for her marriage, “later before the father died.”

“I natured him (John Dramani Mahama) when he was growing up. My auntie took me to John Mahama and his family. They were five kids in all. I got the name Akosua Dansowa from their late father who used to call me by that name. His father came to me so I could take care of his kids. I took very good care of them by cooking, dressing them up for school and all that. But after some years, I left there before their father died. It was after their father’s death that they came looking for me to come and stay with them again, but due to marriage, I could not make it”. Maame Akosua Donsowa narrated.

She added in a video interview that, the Mahama family later found her again and had a chat with her but they left without returning again.

“Along the line, they found me and we had one or two words. I lost all my male kids. At the time I was taking care of them, we were shifting between tamale and Accra. I can’t recollect the other towns we went. I used to dress them up for school, cooked for them, wash their things among others. I can’t tell you their ages at the time but John Mahama was very young”. She added.

Maame Akosua Dansowa adds that, after many years, she heard John Dramani Mahama has been elected as a Member of Parliament and later Vice President and President. She disclosed that, John Dramani Mahama visited her when he became President, and pleaded with her to vote for the National Democratic Congress.

“I heard about it when he became a Member of Parliament but I never met him. When he became the vice president, he visited me and took pictures with me. At that time, he pleaded with us to vote for the NDC. When he became President, I met him at Kejebi and Basa. And I also went to meet him at Accra to greet him”. Maame Akosua Dansowa noted in the video.

She further alleged that, John Dramani Mahama promised to rescue her from her sad condition, after the Accra visit but she never heard from him again. She disclosed that, her current living condition is nothing to write home about, as there seems to be no help coming from anywhere.

“When I visited him (John Mahama) in Accra, I told him my problems and he assured to help me but I never heard from him again. Now, I’m very old and I cannot work. Life has been very tough for me and John Mahama is aware. My building is very bad, whenever it rains, the roof leaks badly. I don’t know what’s happening, if its some people talking to him not to look after me, I can’t tell and if it is his own idea too, I cannot tell”. Maame Akosua Dansowa added.

She however was appreciative of the life of John Dramani Mahama and his brothers and thanked God for raising them to be successful in life.

“I thank God for his life now, for someone I natured to have risen to become President, I think it’s a blessing from God. May God continue to keep him and all his brothers wherever they are safe”. Maame Akosua Dansowa Added.



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