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Allow gays tell us why they can’t bonk one of Ghana’s beautiful ladies – Kofi Jumah

Managing Director for GIHOC Distilleries Maxwell Kofi Jumah has called on health experts to provide the world with explanations on why homosexuals always prefer people of the same sex and not the opposite sex.

To him, that’s the most important aspect of the conversation on LGBTQI+ because it will help in fighting it.

He could not fathom why a man in Ghana will prefer to sleep with another man when Ghana is blessed with more beautiful women.

“For me I’ve always insisted that I like women and that fact cannot change. My problem about this conversation is the fact that they are trying to make it political. What I was expecting is that experts are brought to make us know why people will prefer same sex when there is the opposite sex in abundance.

He, however, voted against making homosexuality in Ghana legal saying ” if they say it should be legalized that should be out because it is not going to happen”.

Kofi Jumah, however, sent a note of caution to people who live in communities where homosexuals live to desist from hate speech and avoid subjecting those persons to any form of ill-treatment.

Currently, there is a conversation on various platforms on the need for Ghana to desist from passing the anti LGBTQI+ bill before Parliament.

Some 15 experts have taken charge and are leading this crusade but the Traditional leaders and the Christian community is also backing some 8 Parliamentarians who sponsored the Anti LGBTQI+ bill.




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