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Am Not Stopping The Prostitution Business Anytime Soon and this why-‘Ashawo’ Boss

It looks like slay queening has become a fashionable business now and most of the ladies who are into it are not going to stop anytime soon for whatsoever reason.

In case you don’t know, one of the young ladies who started this slay queen thing is called Queen Farcadi; she was doing well in the business until the unfortunate happened; One man impregnated her and she’s now a mother but it looks like she’s not going to stop hoeing anytime soon.

Even though she paused for a moment because of her pregnancy, she’s back full time and even does hookup(she has girls who are ready to bang men for money) now.

In a recent post made by Queen Facardi, one of her followers on snapchat asked her if she has plans of leaving the ‘ashawo’ business and her response was simply hilarious.


Check the response out below:

Am Not Stopping The Prostitution Business Anytime Soon and this why-'Ashawo' Boss 2


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  1. Comment:
    A prostitute is a prostitute.
    call a spade a spade and stop this Slay Queen thing.
    if u call prostitution slay Queening, then u don’t know ur job or you just are misrepresenting information or posting false news.

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