An Open Letter To The Western North Regional Police Commander

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Initially, my intention of getting to your office was not to use this medium but for the fact that, you have received a petition with reference 122/Akon/672/k.24 from the Queen Mother of Sefwi Akontombra drawing your attention to security threats in the District and so writing to you again through the medium she used would be repetitive for which reason I do think that, this avenue is prudent enough to get your superiors informed about the matter.
My checks reveal that, the petition got to your  office on 22nd September,2020.
As it stands now, your office has not acknowledged receipt of the letter. Some of us don’t want to believe that, you discarded the wisdom in the letter after perusal and that in itself would have been a sacrilege on your part as a Public Officer.
In the said letter, the Queen Mother made a complaint against Mr Asare Cobbina, Akontombra Police Commander for his involvement in the current Chieftaincy matter in Akontombra.
The nature of the complaint covered allegations of abuse of office and acting contrary to the Ethics of the Police Profession on the part of the Akontombra Police Commander.
Sir, the Queen Mother in that letter alleged that she has been a subject of incredulous intimidations coupled with invidious attempts on the part of Mr Asare Cobbina to undermine her as a means to legitimized Mr.Acheamfour’s illegitimacy.
Mr Asare Cobbina on one occasion ordered for the stool regalia to be handed over to Mr.Acheamfour
His continues involvement in the Chieftaincy impasse is not to provide security neither is it a move to bring peace but an open support to Mr.Acheamfour who is currently parading himself as the Chief of Sefwi Akontombra when as a matter of fact, his legitimacy is being contested by the Queen Mother on account of a fraudulent installation which was done in breach of Customs and Traditions.
Neutrality which was required of the Akontombra Police Commander has been thrown to the dogs because of his amorous relationship with Mr Acheamfour’s sister who is resident in Sefwi Bodi where Mr Asare Cobbina was formally stationed before he was transferred to Sefwi Akontombra.
The Police Institution we do know owes a Civic duty and that duty is to protect lives and properties. Sir, when the Queen Mother wrote to you, she requested for the closure of the Akontombra Palace because of an unlawful invasion by the self acclaimed Chief.
The said unlawful invasion of the Palace poses a serious security threats owning to a possible clash between the two factions who are contesting the throne.
I am of the view that, the confidence reposed in the police service must not be allowed to erode by the conduct of unscrupulous officers and this is the basis upon which I hitting your office at this time.
There is tension in Akontombra as I write to you. The only way to quench the fire is to close the Palace so that, both parties can sit in the comfort of their homes and wait for the Judicial Committee of the Western Regional House of Chiefs to come out with the ruling.
I know the Queen Mother is getting prepared to make her case before the Inspector General of Police in the coming month if nothing comes out of her petition calling for the investigation of Mr.Asare Cobbina’s unprofessionalism, intimidation and the need urgent need in closing the Palace in order to forestall peace in Akontombra.
Failure to close the palace would mean that, the Police in Western North are no more interested in carrying out their Civic duties rooted in section 1 of the Police Service Service Act,1970(Act 350) as amended by Police Service (Amendment) Decree 1974(NRCD 303)
We don’t not want what happened in Tarkwa Nsuaem on 10th October,2020 which resulted in needless injuries as a result of a serious chieftaincy clash to happen in Sefwi Akontombra before the police service makes a move.
Enough of the laxity.
Let me end here for now…I shall be back next time.
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