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A couple of months ago, a young rich and jobless boy went viral for proposing to his girlfriend in a lavish party. We have received reports that the said young man has gone mad.

The young man whom many people believe is a sakawa boy (Fraudster/Yahoo Boy) threw a lavish party and poured thousands of dollars on the lady.

Besides the rain of money, he also gifted her several expensive items including Gucci handbags and many others.

This was all to prove how much he loves her. Well, as expected, the lady accepted his proposal with all joy.

In a new video also going viral, the young man has gone completely mad. He is spotted dirty in only his boxer shorts roaming the streets. He even removed his boxer at a point.

The young lady who left his boyfriend to be with the Sakawa because of his money has fled after he went mad.

Watch the video below


A big lesson to the young who wants to be rich overnight at no stress


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