The Center for Progressive Governance (CenProG) has read with shock a letter from the Presidency purporting to announce the appointment of 3 CEOs and 10 Deputies for the Development Authorities and will like to condemn this profligate and illegal move by the president, and to serve notice that we shall be proceeding to court to compel the president to reverse the appointments of the 10 deputies.
    CenProG is of the firm opinion that upon a true and proper interpretation of the Acts establishing the three developmental authorities as published on the website of the parliament of Ghana, neither the President nor any of his assigns have an authority whatsoever to appoint Deputy CEOs since the Act provides for a Chief Executive Officer. Where an Act deems it necessary for the appointment of a Deputy, it is stated clearly in the act like the Special Prosecutor’s Act which clearly provides for a Deputy SP.
    The Illegality of the appointment aside, CenProG finds it profligate and complete waste of taxpayers money in appointing 3 or 4 deputies for an authority amidst the harsh economic conditions prevailing currently in this country with our finance minister reportedly exploiting the possibility of samurai bonds. A government that has already burdened the taxpayer with 110 ministers, most of whom have been dormant, should not be this inhumane and inconsiderate of the plight of the citizenry.
    The justification for the appointments that each deputy will be in charge of a region is moot especially because each region in Ghana has a regional Minister, with at least a deputy, in charge of overseeing development and administration of the region. CenProG therefore posits that the appointment of these Deputy CEOs is a clear duplication of duty and an unnecessary burden on the national purse.
    We therefore advise that His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo reverse these appointments, failure which will force us to proceed to court for a true and proper interpretation of the Acts establishing the developmental Authorities and also article 296 of the 1992 constitution.
    Sawadogo Mahmoud
    Executive Secretary, CenProG
    Mallam Yahya Mohammed
    Executive Director, CenProG
    The President, Jubilee House, Accra.
    The Speaker of Parliament, Parliament House, Accra
    The Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Attorney General and Ministry of Justice, Accra.
    The Minister for Special Development Initiatives, Accra.
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