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Armed Robbers sprayed with fuel as they try to rob petrol station (Video)

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A CCTV video shows a gang of suspected robbers being thwarted by a quick-thinking driver who was filling up his petrol tank.

In the clip, three hooded men jump out of a white van and head towards the driver.

But they are quickly put on the back foot when he turns the fuel hose and douses them at the petrol station thought to be in Chile.

One of the men tries to get to the driver but he also flees when he is sprayed.

The group then all make their exit in the van with their tails between their legs after being fought off.

Me encontré esto en Instagram, lo único que se es que fue en Chile from chile

The CCTV clip, which was posted on Reddit, ends and it is not known what happened afterwards.

Reddit users suggested the driver was ‘sending a message’ rather than looking to harm the men.

Another person hoped the gang would be caught quicker due to their van being sprayed with petrol and being easily identifiable.

Watch the video below:


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