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It is simply evidential, even with non-technicals that the life of the journalist has always been exposed to danger when they attend to execute duties of various forms.

Considering past events, these folks risk their lives the more in covering events to feed the public with the news. Year 2020 when Ghana is expected to run general elections for both presidential and parliamentary will be no exception.

The media have not had things easy with:

*the very society they speak for,

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*security personnel whose duty is to protect all for serene atmosphere, most importantly during special occasions,

*event owners themselves who programme the press project to the outside world.

Scores of journalists have suffered the effect of mishaps in their line of duty even when the incident might not be directed at them directly. The unfortunate aspect is they fail to pay attention hence the need for them to start working on what bothers them in their line of operation.

National Safety Campaign (NASACA) is therefore appealing to stakehold bodies to start planning the SAFETY and security of these men and women ahead of that pending season and beyond.

NASACA is aware how stakeholder organizations have always tried to consult to have answers to attacks on the media yet this crop of the inking society is not free from the act.

Undoubtedly, the Forth Estate of the Realms needs some level of soundness derived from SAFETY and security to better serve society. With that, we stand to the full impact of their existence and services.

Don’t wait till it occurs!!!

Mr. Daniel Asuku
SAFETY advocate and President for NASACA

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