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Monday, June 17, 2019
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Arrest Chairman Wontumi Over The Kumasi Kidnapping

Today I have come to believe in the God of Pentecost. This reminds me of the much talked about Pentecost  Fire from the days of old till date.
I remember when our Chairman  was been intimidated over the kidnapping  issue all he always  say as a man of God and an Elder in the Pentecost Church is *”Our Lord will fight us and we shall hold our peace(Exodus 14:14), Let’s keep praying.* Those were his constant words.
No wonder Npp has been stripped naked before the people  of Ghana and international community  today over the kidnapping  issues.
Today we all know the delta forces  and the Npp vigilante groups are behind  the kidnapping just to disgrace and intimidate our National Chairman and as well distract activities of the party so that they can have their way out come 2020.
Today it has been revealed  that Wontumi’s close pal Yakubu Seidu well known delta force member who was part of those who attacked the hight court in Kumasi and were bailed out by Chairman  Wontumi is the leader of the Kumasi Kidnapping team.
Wontumi been the founder and the Chief financier of the delta forces in Kumasi must not be left off the hook but must be arrested and given to the Canadian for their own investigation to be conducted because Tiwaa doesn’t have the courage  to arrest or investigate Wontumi for fear of loosing her job.
Wontumi is a suspect because  of his financing of the delta forces in Kumasi and the police must not leave him out their investigation!
The information Minister hypothetically asked for more information on the Canadian kidnapping but has pretended  not to see the several media reports on Yakubu Seidu been Npp member  and a Delta force senior official as per the media reports.
I urge the Canadian government not to rely on Tiwaa Addo Danquah for any information on how their girls were kidnapped because she is known of negotiating  crimes to favour her government (Npp) just as she did in the bribery case that involved the two  Deputy Chief of staff.
Our God is not asleep! He will continue to protect NDC and our Chairman and will as well protect the Takoradi kidnapped girls at where Tiwaa Addo Danquah has “hidden them”.
*Just as i always say, Npp is an error  that need to be corrected and infact completely erased come 2020.*
I will continue  to be a citizen and not spectator.
God bless Our Homeland Ghana!
*Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO.*
NDC Bono Regional Youth Organizer.

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