Do Arsenal really want Jack Wilshere to stay?


Arsene Wenger has been telling Jack Wilshere that he will sit down for contract talks since the Englishman came back from Bournemouth in the summer. First of all he said he wanted Jack to prove his fitness but he would definitely talk to him before the end of December when Wilshere would be free to talk to foreign clubs if he wished, but now we are one day away from the transfer window opening and Wenger still hasn’t made an offer, or even started negotiations. In fact Wenger last said: “The situation is that we will sit down with him. The beginning of January it’s planned.”
Does that sound like he is keen for the 25 year-old to stay? According to Jack he hasn’t even been told anything about when talks will start yet, although he publicly maintains that he still wants to stay at the Emirates. The Sky Sports pundit Alan McInally thinks that the way Wenger is handling this seems like he is not really interested in keeping Wilshere, and he thinks that the club will offer a reduced wage after Jack’s continued injury problems. Wenger recently admitted that the wages might be a problem when he said just three days ago: ” I will sit down with him, yes. I believe that, if we can meet a point of agreement financially, he will want to stay.”
But this is what McInally thinks about Wilshere going on loan last season: “You’ve got to admire him for actually saying he wants to stay at Arsenal considering Arsenal basically showed him the door,” the ex-Celtic striker said. “You’re not going to be playing, get yourself a club’.

“Whether he was injured for a long time or not, and had the opportunity with Eddie Howe to get his fitness back up, play games, and obviously comes back to Arsenal.
“He gets in the team and it’s astonishing, astonishing.
“I’m thinking to myself ‘seriously Jack, they don’t want you. I don’t think they want you’.
“Because if they’re offering him £2000-a-week and he should be on £430,000-a-week then they’re saying to you again ‘I don’t think we really want you’.”
I doubt very much that Arsenal will offer Jack 2000 a week, but do you think they will give him a wage on parity with players like Walcott or Ozil, because they have paying those sums for the last two years without Wilshere even playing for us. Do you think Wenger would have started talks earlier if he really wanted Wilshere to stay?

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