Asuogyaman District Assembly to Establish Fish Processing Factory


The Business Advisory Office of the Asuogyaman District Assembly (ADA) has declared its readiness to establish a fish processing factory in the district as part of government’s ‘one district, one factory’ project. The establishment of the factory alongside a feed production center is expected to safeguard fisher folks in the Asuogyaman districti against the perennial issue of post harvest losses and lessen the burden of the huge cost of feed endured by fish farmers.
Mr. Daniel Owusu Ansah, District Officer of the Business Advisory Center of the ADA under the National Board for Small Scale Industries made this known in an interview with at the Akrade community center where the Asuogyaman district assembly organized a Town Hall Meeting.
While the Asuogyaman district remains the country’s leading producer of tilapia, it is also a pivot of brisk fishing activities as fishing remains one of the major pre-occupations of the people. In the absence of a storage facility however, the lack of a fish processing factory as well continues to confront fisher folks and fish farmers as a key difficulty. This is because fishermen are confronted with the challenge of the storage of excess catch.
The situation has resulted in the poor fisher folks selling their produce at ‘give-away’ prices as buyers take advantage of the situation to dictate the prices of produce to the fishermen, a situation the fisher folks are forced to accept as they find it difficult to keep fish buyers buy at the ‘right price.’
According to Mr. Owusu Ansah, establishing the factory should help solve the problem of post-harvest losses confronting fisher folks in the district.
He was also optimistic that setting up a feed production center would help alleviate the production cost of fish producers who spent huge sums of money on fish feed and thereby increasing their production cost.
‘We are ready to welcome any investor who intends setting up a fish processing factory or a feed production center in the Asuogyaman district because we have enough fish farmers engaged in tilapia production who have problems storing their produce. It would therefore come as a big relief to them if a factory is established here to can fish for export. Also, the establishment of a fish processing center would help save fishermen from incurring huge costs on production,’ he asserted.
According to him, while the assembly was currently engaging potential investors, the doors of his outfit were always open to any prospective investors interested in establishing such factories.
He disclosed that the assembly is ready to work with any investor who comes into the district to establish a fish processing factory or a feed production factory as part of the assembly’s commitment towards salvaging the plight of its fish producers.
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