Kumawood actor narrates story of how he used to work for satan

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A popular Kumawood actor has shared an emotional story of how he was an agent of Satan for so many years.

Akwesi Antwi, popularly known as Ras Nene, said he become notorious at a very young age due to his connection with Lucifer.

“I worked for Satan for many years, no pay, no gain,” he told fellow colleague, Kwaku Manu in an interview monitored.

At a very young age, Ras Nene said he was making good money from selling drugs like marijuana and cocaine at Tafo, a suburb in the Ashanti Regional capital Kumasi.

Strangely, he said he was never caught by the police because he had the protection of Satan.

The popular actor noted that he and his gang were so powerful they could smoke marijuana known in local parlance as ‘wee’ in front of the Tafo Police Station.

“I was a suspected criminal but the police did not have any evidence to arrest me. When they did, Satan told me what to say and I was set free,” Ras Nene said.

What broke the bond, the popular actor said, was when he was approached by a producer, Jones Agyemang to shoot a movie.

“After my first shoot, I was paid good money so I decided to get off the streets and do professional work,” he said.

Ras Nene said he has launched a campaign against drug abuse and is educating the youth especially in the Ashanti region against social vices because he is a changed man.

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