AWW Seat: Lydia Alhassan will lose even if she puts gold on the street – John Dumelo

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Actor, John Dumelo says the incumbent Member of Parliament for Ayawaso West Wugon started working only when he was voted as the candidate to represent the National Democratic Congress, NDC.

John Dumelo has been voted to represent the National Democratic Congress, NDC, in the Ayawaso West Wugon Constituency in the 2020 elections.

Speaking to Accra-based 3FM in an interview, John Dumelo mentioned that electing him as the candidate has sent shivers down the spine of her opponent who is now seen working extra hard so she could win the hearts of the people.

However, he believes that if he is supposed to give her pressure before she works, it’s an indication that she does not own the seat but rather he owns it.

“Before I won the primaries, was she working like this? No, as soon as I won my primaries and started working, she is now working extra hard because she has seen that the seat is not for her and I want you to go and tell her that the seat is not for her.”

He further said that regardless of what the Member of Parliament does, she will not be retained because the people have spoken and have asked for a change and that’s what will happen.

“She has lost it already. If she can decide to do the roads again or even put gold on the roads, she will lose; that’s the truth.”


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