B.E .C. E Is Coming Again: That Nonsense Must Stop Part 2

On the 11th of MARCH 2018 I published an article on this ‘cancer’  of examination malpractice perpetrated by some school authorities.🤦🏾‍♂
I’m here again!
 *It was GK Chartenton who said, anytime you are removing a fence pause and think about why it was put there in the first place’*
That said, if you like being laissez-faire and relative about morality you might not like me after reading this piece.😐
My article last year caused a little steer in my area. I was pleased when a radio Station manager took it up for discussion on two radio stations. Thanks to Mr. Michael Segbefia.
But did anything change on ground?
 Did SOME unscrupulous teachers and undiscerning headteachers desist from throwing pieces of paper into the exam halls while students wrote their papers?
Okay, what about SOME disappointing Heads of  Exams Centres who because of their parochial interest allow these menaces?, did they do it again?
I can go on and on.
The interesting thing is that when you make complains they say produce evidence. Hmm. That’s not bad at all
If we don’t take care as a people, the already poor moral fibre we have will  keep worsening.
When these children grow up and think that you can always cheat and have your way, may be we will wake up!🤷🏾‍♂
When the majority of professionals become thieves and we start spending more as a nation to fight crime, may be will wake up! 🤷🏾‍♂
“You are overstretching this matter Mr Kunkpe!” Really?🤔🤨
Don’t you know that the health of every society depends on the  quality of character  of its citizens?
Please let’s join hands and fight this disease. Let’s put pressure on our institutions.
👉🏾 The GES must do their work.The fence of morality is being removed!
 👉🏾WAEC, I will not stop mentioning your name in this matter.
 👉🏾Mr Invigilator, please do your job!
The future of these kids is at stake.
👉🏾Exams Centre Chairman, please show leadership!
🤝🏾I appreciate all teachers, headmasters and Circuit Supervisors who are helping to attack this ‘epidemic’.
As usual I’m ever ready to dance to the consequence of this article.
 *I am not perfect, but I have learnt in life that while you work on your mistakes, hold on to what is good*
Pen From Afar!…. writing to make things Right
Seth Agbeli Kunkpe


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