Bagbin’s response to misogynistic ‘gay petition’ disappointing – Professor

The Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin has received flak for responding to a petition that is calling on the legislature to enact laws against homosexuality in Ghana.

A Professor of Communication, Difference and Disparities, Kwaku Agyeman told Dzifa Bampoh on the First Take on 3FM Thursday June 23 that he feels ashamed that the Speaker will respond to a petition which in his view, is misogynistic in nature.

Mr Bagbin has revealed that immediate steps are being taken to ensure the passage of anti-gay laws in Ghana.

He said stakeholder consultations are currently underway to that effect.

“Urgent actions are being taken to pass a law to eventually nib the activities of these groups in the bud.

“Stakeholder consultations are ongoing and the results will feed into a Bill that will eventually be passed into law by Parliament,” Mr Bagbin said in answer to a question filed by a political activists in the Eastern Region Emmanuel Abankwa Kesse.

Reacting to the Speaker’s response, Professor Agyeman said “First of all, I am extremely disappointed in the Speaker of Parliament’s response to a petition that is so misogynistic.

“I am very surprised and I am quite ashamed as a Ghanaian to read  response to a petition that  claims that in the olden days girls who were pregnant before 18 were banished. You have a sitting Speaker of Parliament respond to something like that in a country where  we are still fighting  for women’s rights. That for me is extremely disappointing that a sitting Speaker will respond to a petition like that .

“The second thing is LGBT folks are working hard to make sure that  there is a shred of empathy in the Ghanaian populace  and what they are arguing for largely  is not necessarily  gay marriage whatsoever . Just treat people as human beings, it is a very basic thing.”


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