Bedroom Video From Patapaa and His Wife, Liha’s Honeymoon Surfaces Online (Video)

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Patapaa Amisty, a Ghanaian musician, and his German-born obroni girlfriend, Liha Miller, tied the knot over the weekend to become husband and wife.

The two love birds have been spotted at an undisclosed place on their honeymoon, as usual of any marriage ceremony, as they begin the journey of marital fun and enjoyment.

In an exclusive interview, they made the decision to shockingly grant Sister Sandy to Adom TV earlier today, Patapaa and Liha were seen in the hotel bedroom they chose as their honeymoon destination.

In that interview, Liha explained to the world why, among the many other things they touched upon, she chose Patapaa from among all the men in the world.

According to her, Patapaa is the most loving man she has ever met in this world. She adds that he’s not only loving but romantic as well.

On who finally agreed that it was time for them to take the next brave move in their relationship, Liha revealed that it was Patapaa who asked her to marry him, she said yes, but she left Patapaa and his family with the preparation of the marriage because of Covid-19 and its troubles.

Liha says she will soon be leaving for Germany because of work.

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