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Benedicta Gafah Posted This Photo And Deleted It quickly After Ghanaian React

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We are all human beings and there seems to be something which may not be pleasant with our very own eyes when we see them. Beautiful Empress Benedicta Gafah posted a photo online and deleted in few moments.

Our own beautiful sister Benedicta Gafah was the talk on social media for allegedly hipping up with an artificial backside.There was no proof to such claims but this might be a proof.

She recently posted a photo of herself on social media where she was bashed heavily by fans that they have now found out with that picture that she indeed has been using artificial stuffs to make her butt look bigger on social media because her ass now look very tiny with that picture she posted.

Benedicta on sunday afternoon, posted a picture on her facebook timeline showing her Raw backside which she quickly deleted after some few minutes.

Reason behind the deleted the picture is unknown.But it might be she realized it was too raw or some of the comments which followed after the picture was uploaded.

Or she saw people would bash her for her small backside.

See the picture she posted and the comments that followed.Judge for yourself.



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