BEYOND THE STORM_an untold story… Written By Wisdom M.K. Gbormittah

    Every Hero has a remarkable story whether Good, Bad, or Ugly. A good Leader must have an inspiring story to motivate and educate his following by a way of sharing and on this note i present to you My True Life Story “BEYOND THE STORM_an untold story” …
    BEYOND THE STORM  is the manifestation of the struggles, the suffering, the good, the bad and the ugly moments of my life.
    This is just an extract from my whole life journey which I have made possible to share with you to commemorate the celebration of my 24th birthday.
    This book is less than 40 pages with six Chapters but very powerful on its own. Each chapter has a Motivation quote and an antidote with reference from the bible to challenge you to unravel yourself. The last chapter will blow your mind as it is fully packed with Words of Wisdom (WOW) to boost your understanding of life.
     Am touch to inspire, encourage and motivate the youths with my true life story not because am the best writer or have the best story to share to the world but because I feel someone might pick an element from my story to build his/her life/career and will also not fall a victim to same mistakes I made. I have come a long way in life as far as I can remember my past. God has been so good to my family and me.
    Special thanks to Mr. Mike Oladipo, CEO of Heroes Nation for the inspirations and Jeremiah Kobina Egyabeng, CEO of Digitrust Ghana and MNG media Group.
    This book will be officially released on Sunday 18th of November, 2018
    For inquiries or to Pre-order, reach me on
    Instagram & Twitter: iam_realwisdom
    Facebook & LinkedIn: Wisdom M.K. Gbormittah
    WhatsApp: +233 (0) 245300044

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