Bill to deal with political militia waste of time – Minority


The Minority in Parliament has insisted that the introduction of a Bill in Parliament to deal with the threat of party militias will be a waste of time.

President Akufo Addo asked the Attorney General to draft a Bill to tackle the menace which has plagued the country since 2017.

Government has put together a comprehensive bill that is expected to be laid in Parliament next week.

But the Minority has described the introduction of the Bill as cosmetic, adding that without enforcement the passage of the bill will not achieve the needed results.

“Give the police and other agencies established by the state and paid by the taxpayers money to enforce the law the free hand so to do. The Minority will say that is cosmetic, it is loud sounding legislation but it will achieve nothing. Total waste of time it will suffer the same calamity as other laws that are meant to deal with the same problem suffer,” The Ranking Member of the Constitution and Legal Committee of Parliament, Inusah Fuseini said.

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