Bimbilla youth cautioned over planned demo against curfew


The youth of Bimbilla in the Nanumba North Municipality of the Northern Region have been cautioned against their planned demonstration against the decade-long curfew imposed on them.

The Chief Executive of the Nanumba North Municipal assembly, Abdulai Yaqoub, is asking the youth to use due processes in getting their grievances addressed.The youth of the area threatened to embark on the protest after a public announcement of the extension of the curfew which has been imposed on the area for many years.

According to the youth, the curfew is unnecessary and counterproductive.

The MCE for the area, Abdulai Yaqoub, said the youth must act in accordance with the lawThere are guidelines for a demonstration. If they inform the Police and they give them the go ahead, why not [they can demonstrate], they are expressing their democratic rights. They are those who are affected by the curfew so if they feel the curfew is of no relevance, they have the right to express it. Expressing it is one thing, doing what is right is another thing, Abdulai Yaqoub said.

In August 2017, the youth threatened a similar demonstration but were not cleared to stage the protest.

According to them, the curfew had affected their socio-economic activities in the town since no business activity is permitted in the area at night.

The Interior Ministry had placed a dusk-to-dawn curfew on the town following some protracted chieftaincy conflicts in the area which claimed 30 lives.

Between February and August 2017, ten more 10 people were killed due to various conflicts.

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