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Bishop Ajagurajah tagged as a ‘mad man’ in Dubai over his appearance [video]

Leader of the Universal Spiritual Outreach Society Kwabena Boakye Asiamah famed as Ajagurajah has recounted how officials of a UAE airport mistook him for a mad man over his appearance.

In a new video sighted on Instagram, Ajagurajah was seen checking out from an airport after he arrived in Dubai.

Bishop Ajagurajah, opened up on this misunderstanding as he pushed his luggage out of the airport.

According to him, airport officials could not fathom why someone would dress the way he did to the airport.

He however said he was the least perturbed about the tag that the airport officials placed on him due to his appearance.

Ajagurajah, known by many as ‘the block nation pastor’ or ‘chopbar church pastor’ said the way he dressed to board the plane in Ghana was the same way he was going to get off the plane.

He said many people were deprived of spiritual covering because they were shy to showcase their spirituality in their own way.

The popular preacher was seen wearing a black overall over a pair of trousers and had a red muffler scarf tied around his waist.

He was also seen wearing just a pair of black socks without having any shoes on. After dropping the video, Ajagurajah captioned it: “They thought I was mad for dressing like this to the airport”

Watch the video below :


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