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∴Radio broadcaster, Kwabena Bobie Ansah, has stated that as we blame fake Mallams, pastors and magicians for preaching quick money on tv, we should also blame the lifestyle of today politicians.

Bobie Ansah addressed why we should question some lifestyle of some young politicians which also influence this youth.

Bobie writes:

I have carefully followed a raging argument over the alleged killing of a 10yrs old boy by two teenagers for money rituals and I just decided to add my voice…; probably I will respectfully urge my readers to allow me to digress for a moment.

So, all the noise is about how we’ve allowed these fake mallams, pastors, magicians, and traditionalists to dominate our radio and tv space preaching how to get quick money. Is that not the argument? Actually I support same argument.

But hey folks! Have we paused for a minute to discuss the opulent lifestyle of today politicians? 

How can a 30yrs old politician who has never worked after acquiring degree or whatever own 2 or 3 land cruisers immediately after getting a position in a political party? How can someone who lived under his wife’s shelter and can only move to and fro through the grace of his wife, all of a sudden own 7 houses including fleets of cars after getting an appointment in govt? Don’t we think the kids see these things and hear it as well? Look @ the current crop of these small boys appointees of Akufo Addo and how they’re splashing money around, some of them I know personally to the extent that you need to even give them lorry fare back home after Radio program during my days with Asempa Fm( Hopeson Adoye) is my witness. Some, we even went as far as supporting them in paying their rent.
Ooooooops! Crazy isn’t it?

Today these boys can afford a whole estate @ Cantoments without hurting their account, nooooo! I recently saw a video of a driver to k.k Sarpong of GNPC, splashing $ on his table with a webcam on him, Tell me the kids don’t know this and I will “slap” you.
These kids go to school with politicians children and have witnessed how their friends parents have become rich overnight after getting appointment in govt, the levels for their friends don’t change ooooo, their friends now ride in the best cars to school with bodyguards while others are now flown out to go and continue their education. Pls tell me if these poor masses don’t see all this “shit”?
They see and know!

Now the measure for success in our society is about how many houses you own, how many cars, what kind of cars and how many land guards including personal bodyguards, @ least the pastors have shown the way.

Tell me the difference between these alleged criminal boys and today “foolish prophets” flaunting their wealth and vehicles around. Folks, I think the issue is bigger than what we see with our eyes, basically Akufo Addo and his ppl have amassed wealth to the point that nobody cares how he or she also amass wealth now, nobody cares!

Let’s discuss politicians as well, since we want to curb this evil in our society.
God bless Ghana 🇬🇭
God bless sacred hearts 💕
I am Commander Boham!

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