Boyfriend who bought his lover a fridge takes it back after she gave another man drink from it (photo)


You might have heard the stories of people taking back whatever they bought their partners while they were in a relationship back? Some people take cars back, phones, houses, money borrowed and so on.

But, this story might be the strangest relationship story you have ever heard. came across the funny story of a lover boy who allegedly took a gift he gave his girlfriend back after she did something that offended him. According to Facebook user, Ini Frank, the lady had reportedly given another man a drink from a fridge her boyfriend bought for her.

The lover boy was probably furious that she had given another man something from what he gave her and he took the fridge away from her home.

Frank had shared a photo of the boyfriend carrying the big grey fridge back in a grey hoodie and black trouser.

relationship drama

Meanwhile, with had earlier reported that a young lady had given an hilarious reaction after her boyfriend proposed. The happy lady showed off her dance moves after her childhood lover proposed at a mall in Lekki, Lagos state.

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